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Welcome to Digital Museum. No matter where you are, you can step into fully digital museum exhibitions whenever you want. Visit exhibitions or participate in tours, by yourself or with a group.

How to book a guided tour?

  • Choose your tour and date

  • Buy a ticket to the tour from the ticket shop

  • At the chosen date, activate the entry from the link in your email

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Upcoming! We invite you and your friends to visit Digital Museum together. You can then book guided tours for two to five people. Stay safe and enjoy a moment in digital exhibitions over any physical distance! The service will open in 2021.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Museum is meant to be an easy place to visit. With answers to the most frequently asked questions, your visit will surely be pleasant!

  • Visiting Digital Museum is like visiting any museum. Exhibitions created with Augmented Reality technology start from the left and continue clockwise. There are many ways of moving in a 360° exhibition: you can tap on the floor, swipe the screen or use a mouse. You can discover things in the exhibition by moving your phone/tablet or drag the screen with your mouse. You can choose interesting content from the menu, change rooms by moving or selecting the room you want from a floor plan. You can find lots of interesting info in the exhibitions in text, sound or video format. Be curious and try them out!
  • The exhibitions support most commonly used browsers and operating systems. In case of errors, make sure you are using the latest version of your browser. If problems persist, try another browser. If the exhibition isn’t running or runs slowly, empty your browser’s cache. For the best experience, try using as fast internet connection as possible.
  • After booking a guided tour from the exhibition calendar, you will first receive a payment confirmation, followed by an email containing a calendar reservation, and link to the digital museum exhibition. When the guided tour begins, you can access the meeting by activating the link. Choose whether you want to turn on the camera and microphone and join the virtual room. Wait for the guide and other participants to arrive and the tour to begin.
  • You can participate from any place of your choice with your computer, tablet or phone. There is no dress code. You can turn off the camera, if you wish, but it’s more enjoyable to interact with the guide and group face to face. The most important aspects of digital etiquette are consideration towards the other participants, putting the microphone on "mute" when you are not speaking and patience – remember that not everyone is equally familiar with using digital services and anyone can suddenly lose their connection. It’s also polite to greet the guide and introduce yourself/say your name when asking questions from the guide.
  • Welcome! Please contact info@digimuseo.fi for further information.

Message from the President of the republic and Mrs Jenni Haukio

”We wish the best success for Digimuseo.fi as well as the Pharmacy Museum, the Finnish Museum of Agriculture Sarka and the Helinä Rautavaara Museum, now setting up their first exhibitions in the new museum. For all visitors to the digital museum, we hope you experience rewarding moments while enjoying these new cultural offerings.”

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