Oneselfas Another

The exhibition Oneself as Another, curated by Aura Seikkula, presents art from the Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation’s collections

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On the guided tours you get to enjoy the virtual exhibition with a real-life museum guide - just like in an actual museum! You can ask questions and recieve more detailed info about the exhibition. Book your tour now and the museum is yours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Museum is meant to be an easy place to visit. With answers to the most frequently asked questions, your visit will surely be pleasant!

  • Visiting Digital Museum is like visiting any museum.

    Exhibitions’ contents may be examined by clicking the information balls in the exhibitions. They may contain text, pictures, videos, or audio. The language of an exhibition may be changed.

    All our exhibitions are created with 360 or 3D virtual technology. There are many ways to move in a 360-exhibition: you can tap on the floor, swipe the screen, or use a mouse.

    In 3D-exhibitions you may move with your mouse or computer’s touchpad. Change of the view or ’turning your head’ is performed either by your mouse, touchpad, or computer’s keyboard. If you examine the exhibition with your phone or tablet, the view will change according to your hand movements.

    Be curious and try them out!
  • Digital museum offers three kinds of services: free exhibitions, paid exhibitions and paid guided tours. You can examine free exhibitions whenever you like. An exhibition may be paid, too - by buying an entrance you will see all the contents of the exhibition.

    You may also reserve and buy a guided virtual tour for your group. The guidings are arranged by museums’ professionals and they are organized at Cisco Webex -platform.
    1. Choose a special exhibition and suitable time from the exhibition calendar, make a booking and pay for the guidance.
    2. You will receive a calendar invitation and instructions on joining the guidance by email.
    3. You may share the link with your group (max 25 persons).
    4. At the time of the exhibition, activate the link and wait for the guide and other exhibition visitors to arrive.
    5. The guide will welcome you and explain the progress of the tour. You can ask questions during the exhibition in text form or simply by speaking up.
      Enjoy the experience!

    If none of the calendar’s guidance times is suitable for your group, it’s also possible to suggest a better one by contacting us!