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Photo: Jarkko Järvinen, The Police Museum

Virtual exhibition of the Police Museum

360˚ virtual exhibition

How has police work changed during the years? What did a “relay crown servant” do? What about the “vice squad”? When did Finland’s first Internet police go online?

The National Police Museum’s permanent exhibition The Police is Here! provides answers to these and many other questions. Welcome to enjoy interesting stories and see fascinating objects!

About the exhibition

In the permanent exhibition The Police is Here! you will learn about witch hunts, homicide, high treason, and modern-day cybercrime. You will walk along streets and alleys where the police do their everyday work. “Criminal landscapes” of various eras are on display, illustrating crimes, accidents and the dark sides of the lives of those police encounter in their work. You can sit within the stone circle next to a beheading axe and listen to an account of the harsh legal practices of the past and how public order has been upheld.

The transformation of the relationship between the police and members of the public is a key aspect of the exhibition, which explores how the police were regarded in the past and what their role has been throughout history. Until the early years of Finnish independence, constables would patrol the streets with a stern face. Idle chatting with citizens and smiling was not considered proper behavior for police officers.

The permanent exhibition also features artefacts from the Crime Museum, whose main exhibition is located within the headquarters of Finland's National Bureau of Investigation in Vantaa. For security and data protection reasons, the Crime Museum is not open to the general public, but the Police Museum is able to display some of its fascinating objects and the stories associated with them.


Guided virtualtours

The museum does not have scheduled guided tours.

However, you can contact the museum and request a guided tour at a time of your choice.

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