Police Museum

Police Museum is located in Tampere and open to the public without an admission fee. Our exhibitions showcase the history and acitivities of the Finnish police force from medieval times to the present.

The museum offers things to see and experience for people of all ages. You are warmly welcome visit us to see the exhibitions, test the virtual games and visit Pokela, the activity area for children.

The museum is located in Tampere’s Hervanta district in the premises of the Police University College. The campus area is closed to the public with the exception of the museum that has free access. Our exhibitions are open to all and they make up the most apparent part of our operations.

Our operations also cover many areas that are not as visible to museum guests. The museum curators are involved in the instruction of police students, offering them an insight to the history of the police force and its influence to present-day policing. We coordinate the activities of the Finnish police in the areas of history and traditions, including meetings with the museum contact persons of the police departments.

We keep storage of objects, films and other materials related to the history of the police. All the objects in our collection are not featured in the exhibitions.