Terms of Service

General Terms of Service

Starting from 18.5.2020.

Digimuseo.fi follows general recommendations related to consumer retail, advertising and marketing in everything it does.

Information regarding ecommerce by Kuluttajavirasto.

Here you can find more info on our terms of service and principles of handling purchases.


You can pay with an online bank payment or credit card. Payment services are provided by Paytrail Oy. We have the right to withhold the purchase if necessary.


1.1. This agreement includes the terms of Digimuseo.fi (“Service”) administered by Yhteinen Perintö Oy (“Service Provider”).

1.2. Contact for Service Provider: Yhteinen Perintö Oy, c/o FMA Creations Oy, 00120 Helsinki, Business ID: FI-3130558-7.

1.3. By using the Service, purchasing products from the Service or by registering in the Service, the User accepts and agrees to the terms.

1.4. All content in the Service are the property of Service Provider. The Service Provider also has the right to change the contents of the Service (including these terms) without specifically notifying Users.

2. Registering

2.1. Purchasing doesn’t require registering but it is possible.

2.2. Registering opens up complementary services.

2.3. Registering is free of charge.

3. Privacy

3.1. Service Provider is responsible for the appropriate handling of information provided by the User and upholding the privacy of the User. The information provided by the User is saved to the customer Register of the Service.

3.2. Information required to register are Users first name, last name, complete address, phone number and email address (used in log-in).

3.3. Service Provider doesn’t disclose personal information to third parties.

3.4. Information in Customer Register can be used in digital direct marketing only if the User has given a permission for this.

3.5. The User has a right to check and modify his/her information in the Service. If the User wants to remove his information from the register, he needs to contact our customer service.

4. User responsibilities and duties

4.1. The User is responsible for every act done under his user identity and password. The User is responsible for keeping the user id and password secure.

4.2. The User is fully responsible for breaking these terms, the law or the harm afflicted by misuse to the Service Provider, other Users or third parties.

5. Binding orders

5.1. Binding agreement comes to effect after the Service Provider has sent a confirmation email to the User.

5.2. Contact is kept either by email, by letter or by phone. The User agrees to keep an eye on his email for the confirmation message.

5.3. The user has a right to cancel the order or parts of it by email before the delivery of order. The order is delivered when the Service Provider has emailed the order or parts of the order to the recipient.

5.4. After the User has made an order, the Service Provider doesn’t have the right to change the terms of agreement.

5.5. The Service Provider withholds the right to turn down the order.

6. Prices

6.1. Price of a product is the price shown in the product info at the web page at the time of the order.

6.2. Possible dispatching costs are added to the final price. The dispatching costs are shown in the Service before placing the order.

6.3. The prices and costs are shown in euros (EUR). If the products include a tax, it will be shown at checkout.

6.4. When selling and delivering products to EU countries, the prices shown include the VAT of Finland.

6.5. When selling and delivering products outside EU countries, the recipient is responsible for local taxes, customs and other such costs.

7. Terms of Delivery

7.1. The Service Provider delivers the products it sells to the User by email.

7.2. The Service Provider isn’t responsible for delays or indirect harms created by a delay by force majeure.

8. Returns

8.1. According to the Finnish consumer protection legislation, consumers have a right to cancel their order by notifying the Service Provider in 14 days of receiving the order.

8.2. The condition of return is that the order is cancelled according to terms, by notifying the Service Provider within 14 days of receiving the order.

9. Resolving Disputes

9.1. Disputes related to these terms are settled in accordance to Finnish legislation.

9.2. All disputes related to these terms that can’t be settled by negotiation, will be settled in district court of Helsinki. “If the dispute related to trade agreement can’t be settled in negotiations of parties, the consumer can have the Consumer Disputes Board (www.kuluttajariita.fi) settle it. Before taking the matter into the Board, the consumer must be in contact with the Consumer Advisory Services (www.kkv.fi).”

10. In Addition

10.1. We withhold the right to change our terms. The customer is required to familiarize themselves with the current terms before ordering.