To museums provides museums a possibility to publish digital exhibitions, arrange guided tours attached to the exhibitions and publish introduction articles about them.

Museums may join Digital museum without earlier experience of digital exhibitions but it is also possible to bring an existing exhibition to the service. Digital museum doesn’t implement the exhibitions itself but collaborates with external partners. The exhibitions are mainly 3D- or 360-models, but we are always open for new ideas. Let’s find the best digital solutions for your museum!

Museum starts collaboration with Digital museum

1. In the first meetings, we find out together the museum needs for the exhibitions to be published.

2. According to the needs and the nature of the exhibition, Digital museum directs the museum to a suitable partner.

3. Museum and partner agree on details and schedule of photographing and implementing the digital exhibition.

4. When the exhibition is ready, partner sends it to the museum.

5. Digital museum teaches the museum personnel to use the administration rights and platform's guiding technology.

6. With the administration rights, museum is able to add exhibitions, introduction texts and guidings to on its own.

7. Digital museum provides support with the administration.

8. Digital museum markets museum's exhibitions on its own channels.

Welcome aboard!

Digital museum personnel

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The whole team is best reached by sending an email to [email protected].