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Police Museum/Jarkko Järvinen

Virtual exhibition: The coloured truth – Art crime in Finland

360˚ virtual exhibition

What is art crime and how is it investigated? How are forged artworks sold and who buys counterfeit art? The exhibition titled The coloured truth – Art crime in Finland presents the key incidents of art crime committed in Finland and the related police investigations.

About the exhibition

There are numerous forgeries of works by artists such as Gallen-Kallela, Schjerfbeck, Picasso and Léger in the exhibition. All works now belong to the National Police Museum's collections. Originally, they were confiscated during pre-trial investigations and handed over to the state as instruments of crime.

The exhibition is not an art exhibition, but rather a portrayal of art crime and its history, as well as the investigations carried out by the police in cooperation with art experts. The visitors will simultaneously learn the tricks that fraudulent art sellers use as well as how to distinguish a counterfeit piece of art from an original.

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