Stories of Finnish Art at the Digital Museum

Mies makaa sohvalla, joka on taidenäyttelyssä

The exhibition Stories of Finnish Art, which was on display at the Ateneum from 2016 to 2022, presents Finland’s most beloved masterpieces. The exhibition is now on display in the Digital Museum, where you can explore the works from anywhere and at any time.

The exhibition guides visitors through the many phases of Finnish art from 1809 through to the 1950s.

It sets the story of Finnish art within the wider context of international developments and societal events and processes. On display, side by side, are many of our collection’s Finnish and international masterpieces, such as Le Corbusier’s Two Women (1939), Eero Järnefelt’s Under the Yoke (1893), Edvard Munch’s Bathing Men (1907–08) and Hugo Simberg’s Wounded Angel (1903).

Guided tours

You can explore the exhibition on your own free of charge. You can also buy tickets for guided tours, which are available in Finnish. The dates for these tours can be found at the Digital Museum website.

Explore the exhibition at the Digital Museum