Douglas DC-3 aircraft "Seagull" in 3D

On the Wing of the DC-3

3D virtual exhibition

The Douglas DC-3 is one of the most iconic and admired aircraft types in aviation history. As one of the most produced aircraft types, it had a profound impact on post-war air traffic. In Finland, the DC-3’s were operated by the airline companies Aero (present day Finnair) and Kar-Air, as well as the Finnish Air Force. Despite their familiarity, their versatile history continues to suprise. Digital technology enables us to virtually open interiors, that have previously been closed from the public, and enable comparison between idividual aircraft – please step in, and explore the Golden Age of the DC-3’s, as well as the various uses of the aircraft.

About the exhibition

The Virtual Exhibition enables you to enter the 3D model, and explore the interior of the DC-3 aircraft in a 360 enviroment, both in its civilian and military outfit. The exhibition, its stories, videos and photographs reveal the versatile uses of the aircraft.

The exhibition is a joint project by the Finnish Aviation Museum, Finnish Air Force Museum and the Aviation Museum Association, and it has been funded by the Support Foundation for National Defence (Maanpuolustuksen kannatussäätiö).

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