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The barque Sigyn is a loved gem of the Aura river in Turku and an internationally unique attraction: the Sigyn is the last surviving barque-rigged wooden cargo ship that has sailed the world’s oceans. Wooden barques were a very common sight on the high seas still in the late 19th century. On the deck of the wood tar scented beauty, you can sail back in time and imagine how the sailors of old lived and worked in very simple, austere conditions aboard the ship. The Sigyn is open to the public in the summer season and available around the year in this virtual exhibition. Come aboard! 

About the exhibition

In this exhibition, you can experience all the areas of the Sigyn: visit the living quarters of the captain and the ship’s officers, see the deckhouse where the crew lived, peek into the kitchen (or galley), descend into the hold and climb up to the mast! You can also admire the ship by touring the floating dock Loke. 

You can choose from two fun tours suited for both kids and grown-ups!

On the Crew Tour, you will get to know the ship and the exciting duties of the sailors in both stormy and calm weather with the help of video clips. Featuring Tom, the ship’s cat! On the Bug Tour, you’ll go on an expedition in the world of sailing bugs! Roam around the Sigyn and the floating dock Loke, and catch the eight animals lurking about! Is the shipworm really a worm at all, and what the heck is a wharf borer? And what about fleas, lice, mealworms, leeches, barnacles and butterflies – how are they connected to the Sigyn? 

The virtual tour of the Sigyn can be used by teachers for independent learning among school classes. The content is designed specifically for primary school level learning. You can find ready-made learning materials here. 

The crew videos have been realized by Aleksi Saariranta (camera) and Ella Jokela, Siiri Vilkko and Mimosa the Cat (acting). 

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The museum does not have scheduled guided tours.

However, you can contact the museum and request a guided tour at a time of your choice.

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