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Ateneum: Stories of Finnish Art

360˚ virtual exhibition

The exhibition Stories of Finnish Art presents Finland’s most beloved masterpieces in a fresh light. It guides visitors through the many phases of Finnish art from 1809 through to the 1950s. It highlights new works and draws fresh parallels, forging links with the history of both Finland and the wider world.


About the exhibition

The exhibition sets the story of Finnish art within the wider context of international developments and societal events. On display, side by side, are many of our collection’s Finnish and international masterpieces, such as Le Corbusier’s Two Women(1939), Eero Järnefelt’s Under the Yoke (1893), Edvard Munch’s Bathing Men (1907–08) and Hugo Simberg’sWounded Angel (1903). The exhibition was on display at the Ateneum Art Museum from 2016 to 2022. The specific works on display varied somewhat over this period. Reproduced here is the exhibition as it was just before it was dismantled.

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