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360˚ virtual exhibition

Very few old passenger ships have been preserved as museum vessels. This makes the Bore a rare ship, also in international terms. In this Digital Museum exhibition, you will get to see the entire shipalso including many interesting parts of it that are not usually open to the public. Roaming the decks of the Bore, you can experience both the ship’s many-sided story and the atmosphere of sea travel in the previous decades. Welcome to the nostalgic sea voyage! 

About the exhibition

As you take a tour in the Forum Marinum’s virtual exhibition, you get to know the Bore inside out. You can choose different routes and wander around the ship from bow to stern, from the engine room to the bridge, or you can find yourself lost in the cabin corridors. The history of over 60-year-old passenger ship comes alive through multitudes of pictures and video footage. 

Forum Marinum

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However, you can contact the museum and request a guided tour at a time of your choice.

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