Digital museum serves

In the new Digital Museum you will find numerous different services. Some are already open, and some of the services will open their doors very soon. Explore the exhibitions in your own peace or plan a visit with several people.

  1. Guided tours

    You may visit the exhibitions with a small group, led by a guide from the museum. Get together safely – enter the tour from your own living room! Admission entitles to a max. 1 h for a guided tour of the selected tour. Small group size max. 10 people. If you book the full round, the group size can be increased.

    Book a tour

  2. Coming soon

    Visit digital museum with a friend

    Experience an exhibition with a friend, together and within a safe distance. Entitles to visit the selected exhibition for 1 hour (max. 5 people).

  3. Mobile Guide

    Seinätön museo (The Museum without Walls) provides route guides and digital signs that you can access on all smartphones and tablets. Museum truly is anywhere, when you have it in your pocket!

    Seinätön museo

  4. Coming soon

    Lectures & open discussions

    Virtual lectures on current topics with facilitated section for questions & answers.

  5. An excursion in my cultural environment

    Discover the stories of the sea: fascinating stories, the best excursion destinations and information about the history and culture of the Baltic Sea. Join us in sharing and collecting cultural heritage for the next generation!

  6. Coming soon


    Museum services from the online store! Admission tickets, guided tours, space rentals and customized products as needed.

    At the moment, you can already get acquainted with the offer:
    John Nurminen Foundation's online store

  7. Information service

    Ask a Museum is an online information service for Finnish museums. Museums answer questions related to their specialty through the service.

    Ask a Museum (In Finnish)

  8. Museum pedagogy

    Find materials for teaching and ideas for media education. (In Finnish)