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People behind Digimuseo

Digimuseo.fi is operated by Yhteinen Perintö Oy, an enterprise owned by FMA Creations Oy. FMA Creations Oy is managed by the Finnish Museums Association and the John Nurminen Foundation.

The company’s mission is to help museums succeed in the digital environment by providing a competitive platform for museums’ digital services and a channel for their users.

The members of the company’s Board of Directors

The history of Yhteinen Perintö Oy

The Loki project initiated in 2014 by the John Nurminen Foundation was expanded five years later into a joint project with the Finnish Museums Association for preparing the establishment of a joint societal enterprise. The future company was to act as a digital development company in the museum sector and create a digital service to provide access to cultural heritage regardless of time or place, as well as to serve as a two-way channel for the public to share their own knowledge and stories.

The joint project quickly proceeded to negotiations for founding the company. The Finnish Museums Association considered that the negotiations could best be furthered by FMA Creations Oy, a company fully owned by the Association and responsible for the Museum Card services.

The shareholders’ agreement of Yhteinen Perintö Oy was signed in the Finnish Museums Association’s premises in Helsinki on 1 November 2019 by the Chair of the Board and Managing Director of FMA Creations Oy and the Vice Chair and Secretary General of the John Nurminen Foundation. It was agreed that www.lokistories.fi, an online service developed by the John Nurminen Foundation in the Loki project to preserve marine cultural heritage and enriched by consumers, as well the digital Seinätön museo (Museum without Walls) and Kysy museolta (Ask the museum) services developed by FMA Creations Oy, would be transferred to the new company Yhteinen Perintö Oy.

The new company was registered in 2020, and the company’s first services were announced on International Museum Day at the start of Museum Week on 18 May 2020.

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Yhteinen Perintö Oy
c/o FMA Creations Oy

Business ID: 3130558-7

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